Injury Biomechanics Course

Injury Biomechanics Course (4J610), Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 3rd printing 2000.

Global Road Safety

Global Road Traffic Safety scenarios - A state of the art review of global policy targets and strategies, SAFER-Volvo Report, Feb. 2019.

Economics of Road Safety – What does it imply under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development? 10th EST Forum, Lao, March 2017. 

Road safety implications and opportunities for regions under increasing motorization, RS5C conference, Rio de Janeiro, May 2016

Implications of Road Safety in National Productivity and Human Development in Asia, Eighth Regional EST Forum Colombo, November 2014

Health and Environmental impact of Road Transport

Low-Carbon Transport – Health and Climate Benefits, Ninth EST Forum Kathmandu, November 2015

Truck Safety

What are the most significant safety improvements that can be made to trucks used in urban and rural areas? ACEA, August 2016

Neck injuries and neck modelling

Whiplash-PIV bulletin 2015

Development and evaluation of a new rear-impact crash dummy: the RID2, Stapp Car Crash Conference, 2001

Whole body kinematics using post mortem human subjects in experimental rear impact, IRCOBI Conference, 2000

The influence of muscle activity on head-neck response during impact, Stapp Car Crash Conference, 1997.

A three-dimensional head-neck model: Validation for frontal and lateral impacts, Stapp Car Crash Conference, 1994

Comparison of Human Volunteer and Cadaver Head-Neck Response in Frontal Flexion, Stapp Conference, 1987

Omni-Directional Human Head-Neck response, Stapp Car Crash Conference, 1986

Crash Testing and mathematical modelling

A mathematical human body model for frontal and rearward seated automotive impact loading, Stapp Car Crash Conference, 1998.

Computational Human Body models, IUTAM symposium on Impact Biomechanics, 2005 

Motorcycle crash test modelling, Stapp Car Crash Conference, 1993.

Advances in MADYMO crash simulations, SAE paper, 1991

An advanced database of the 50th percentile Hybrid III dummy, SAE paper, 1991.

Airbag Modelling Techniques, Stapp Car Crash Conference, 1990.

MADYMO Pedestrian simulations, SAE paper,1983

Status of the MADYMO simulation package 1985, ESV conference, 1985

MADYMO 3D Simulations of Hybrid III Dummy Sled Tests, SAE paper, 1988

Evaluation of the experimental reconstruction of a real frontal collision with a mathematical model, IRCOBI Conference,1980.

A three-dimensional mathematical model of the human knee-joint, J. Biomechanics, 1980.

Child Restraint Evaluation by Experiemental and Mathematical Simulation, Stapp Conference, 1979

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