Research in vehicle safety

Together with our partners we can perform research activities, set-up project proposals, analyze crash tests, manage international projects etc.

Training in vehicle safety

Single or multiple day in-house courses. Both introductory and advanced courses tailored to the specific needs of the client can be offered. See for example a standard introductory course in vehicle safety and injury biomechanics and examples of separatetraining modules.

Accident investigations

 Analysis of the dynamics and causes of accidents, accident reconstructions both by computer crash simulations (PC CRASH and MADYMO) and or by crash experiments, analysis of the effect of the usage of restraint systems, whiplash injury causation, etc.

Strategy consultancy

In the field of vehicle safety innovations. In discussion with your R&D management we can review your strategic innovation programs and technology roadmaps, discuss international R&D developments, help you in establishing partnerships with universities etc.