Examples of responsibilities of Jac Wismans during his career at TNO:
The development of the MADYMO software, the worldwide standard for occupant safety analysis featuring generic multi-body and finite element capability, a full range of predictive and efficient dummy models and tools to support the restraint optimisation process. See The set-up and co-ordination of the European Integrated Project APROSYS, a research project in the field of integrated and passive safety involving more than 50 partners dealing with protection of car occupants, truck safety, motorcycle safety and pedestrian/cyclist protection. See

Examples of recent activities at SAFETEQ and Chalmers:
Initiation of several R&D projects in the field of human body modeling, review of research proposals and research projects, co-ordination activities for several R&D projects in electric vehicle (EV) safety, investigation of accidents with agricultural vehicles and of a plane crash, developing new lectures in passive and active safety, studies for the United Nations in the field of road safety in developing countries, for ACEA in the field of truck safety as well as research into future scenario’s for road safety in cooperation with the Volvo Group. See also publication list.